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wwii combat engineer unitswwii combat engineer units

World War II recruiting poster for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. . Like so many other combat engineers killed in the line of duty, he died doing what he was trained and expected to do. He was a bombardier in the 571st Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb Group and his aircraft "Decatur Deb" was shot down on May 28, 1944. Many thousands of men were trained in mountain warfare at Cedars during 1943 and 1944. A separate series of War Diaries, World War II War Diaries, Other Operational Records and Histories, ca. Some also include photographs, reported security violations, cargo data, investigations of alleged sabotage or suspicious incidents, and survivors accounts of sunken vessels. The muster rolls for WWII only include enlisted sailors - officers of ships are listed in the deck logs. . While British engineers were perfecting their tunneling skills in World War I, German engineers were forming experimental units of combat engineers known as pioneers. Armed with explosives and flamethrowers, these pioneer units specialized in destroying enemy fighting positions. 46th, muster rolls and personnel diaries), typically unit records contain little or no information regarding individuals service and we do not have a name index to the unit records. [3] Each branch of the military kept different types of unit records, and these records are dispersed throughout various record groups and series at NARA. Records Relating to United States Marine Corps Operations in World War II, 1939 - 1949. , also known as Geographic Files, consist of records related to the principal amphibious assaults and ground combat operations of the Marine Corps during the World War II era, as well as the occupation of formerly enemy-controlled areas. These included, but were not limited to:[1], Pontoon bridge built by the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion across the Rhine, downstream from the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen. Marine combat engineers move the nosepiece of a bridge into place in Mirmandab, Afghanistan, March 25, 2012. This Command built, repaired and defended airfields in the European theatre during World War II beginning with the Normandy invasion on D-Day. It was again redesignated for the 27th Engineer Battalion on 9 February 1972. The ship war diaries were maintained on a daily basis and describe the major activities of the day (e.g. They embody the ethos of doing more with less. Hurley, Charles F. Box 19 SSGT Company A Survey The League of Wives Memorial will be the first public memorial in the country to recognize military spouses, its planners say. These included, but were not limited to: [1] Bridge ( mobile, floating, fixed), rail, & road construction and maintenance Conducting river crossings by pontoon/raft, motor-powered assault boats Demolition Placing/de-arming munitions, including mines dates given are day-month-year [e.g. A California Marine remains in the brig, accused of threatening to chop up his wife with a machete. Army Air Forces World War II Combat Operations Reports, 1941-1946, also known as "Mission Reports," are located at the National Archives at College Park, MD in the Records of the Army Air Forces (Record Group 18). in Records of U.S. Army Operational, Tactical, and Support Organizations (World War II and Thereafter) (Record Group 338). Mel Brooks Was a Combat Engineer in World War II : No. This is written up the in the book "Bloody Skies: U.S. Eighth Air Force Battle Damage in World War II." Muster rolls are lists of naval personnel attached to a ship, station, or other activity. Coat of Arms: Shield: Gules, a rock Argent within a garland of oak leaves and acorns Proper within a bordure of the second. The locations of military personnel records depend on the branch of service and time period -- NARAs Locations of Service Records website provides a handy chart, which can help you determine where the personnel records you seek are located and instructions about how to request them. Clark, The series US Submarine Patrol Reports, 1941-1945 has been digitized through a partnership with Fold3 and is available on the Fold3 WWII Submarine Patrol Reports website. Division files usually include historical reports, general orders, directives, journals, memos, circulars, bulletins, and policy records. Army World War II 931st Signal Battalion (Avn) (Sp). A paper file list index for this series is available at the National Archives. Combat Engineer is an account of engineering units that rarely get much attention in typical history books of the World Wars. 1873, This site remembers the contributions and sacrifices made by members of this Australian WW2 battalion. For information on how to access morning reports, please visit the website Access to Morning Reports and Unit Rosters. William Farrar landed with his engineer combat battalion on Omaha Beach on D-Day - June 6, 1944 - at the beginning of the largest seaborne invasion in history that left about 4,500 Allied soldiers confirmed dead.After spending the first night, The News Stories page of the Sacramento District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Her (and Roberts') son Robert Maze Jr is alive and well. The series is arranged by organization and includes records of naval commands, and select naval units and ships, as well as records of other non-Navy agencies, including Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Army Air Force, among others. UNITS, COMMANDERS, STAFF MEMBERS, AND MEMBERS OF UNITS MENTIONED IN THIS NARRATIVE . In the evening of July 8, 1943, a group of transports and supporting warships was steaming eastward along the Tunisian coastline toward the next joint British-American operation of World War 11. 24th, Marine combat engineers rush toward an obstacle with a Bangalore during Sapper Leader Course, Oct 31, 2017. Michel Sauret. US Army photo by Master Sgt. Subcategory: Pacific Theater | Baker, The Marines in the Sapper Leader Course conducted demolition training to familiarize themselves with explosive breaching and develop proficiency in mobility support to infantry units. documents, memoir, unit . This series contains copies of reports of Army medical units and facilities, as well as reports from medical components of regular Army units. Morning reports for Army units from November 1, 1912 to 1959 and Air Force units from September 1947 to June 30, 1966 are in the custody of the National Archives at St. Louis, MO. The National Archives has custody of accessioned microfilm copies of some of AFHRAs records in the Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations (Record Group 342), Entry (UD) 1006-B1. At Sapper school, soldiers and Marines learn skills such as minefield clearance, demolitions, and airfield construction. hlj1WnEKA XKv3Kkf-MDz*oHP/`*6c"zqo\6z 1395, 93rd, If the IRISREF number in the Document Detail page begins with an A, B, or C, the National Archives may have the document on our accessioned microfilm. Captain Oliver was, in fact, killed by a concussion, but the actual cause of his injury was that he that he stepped on one of the mines. F-h4I-L\I 858th, 1519, 27th, 1518, The other. On battlefields throughout history, the combat engineer has proven time and again to be a decisive factor in victory and defeat. He and six others perished while three were able bail out and became POWs. Unfortunately, rosters for units serving in World War II from 1944-46 were destroyed in accordance with Army records disposition authorities after the war. There are copies of, of the monthly rosters from 1912-43 and 1947-59 for Army units (including Army Air Corps) in the custody of the National Archives in St. Louis, MO. These records are also arranged in several subseries, generally by command and thereunder roughly hierarchically. This is a list of known United States Engineer Regiments in existence at the time of World War II. US Marine Corps photo by Cpl. In Remembrance of the AIF's 2/15th Battalion. These records are also arranged in several subseries, generally by command and thereunder roughly hierarchically. Unfortunately, the bodies were strewn about a German mine field. 472nd 963rd Engineer Maintenance Company WW2. Most of the records relate to incidents of direct combat action with enemy forces during World War II. Caltrider spends most of his time reading, writing, and waging a one-man war against premature hair loss. My take is the WAFS/WASPS deserve a bit more of history's 'time in the books'. Kim Woods, Im looking for information on My Great great GRANDFATHER WAS ON A B-24 LIBERATOR CALLED: The National Archives does not have custody of unit records for every military unit, and the volume and type of records can vary considerably by unit. Regardless, so many losses in so many ways. Some record groups have thousands of entries, so it can be daunting to try to figure out the best place to start. Unfortunately, rosters for units serving in World War II from 1944-46 were destroyed in accordance with Army records disposition authorities after the war. None of the forward operating bases or combat outposts that dotted the battlefields of the Global War on Terror would exist without the good work of combat engineers. Maryland, If Pastor Jeff had information on her being talked into a situation, I would love to know if reliable. 1954, Their construction equivalent U.S. Navy Seabees played a crucial role establishing beachheads and airstrips in the Pacific Command's island hopping strategy of defeating Japan. These microfilmed records are available to view at the National Archives at College Park, MD. 23rd, Very useful, WWII Military Unit Records at the National Archives, Although there are a few exceptions (e.g. The ship war diaries were maintained on a daily basis and describe the major activities of the day (e.g. Thank you for your efforts here. Related Topics / Keywords / Phrases: For example, by the end of January, 1945, the 47th Infantry Regiment (which fought in France and Germany) had lost well over 100% of their strength to battle casualties, where men were either killed, wounded, missing, or taken asprisoner of war. The series generally contains information about radio equipment, armament, crew composition, as well as ship movements. Megan Dwyre This is a great, succinct explanation. : this series consists of daily operational journals created by various naval commands, shore installations, ships and other activities throughout the Navy, as well as some Marine Corps and non-Navy commands. For information on how to request rosters, please visit the website, Access to Morning Reports and Unit Rosters, Morning reports list daily personnel changes. Nolan Peterson, a senior editor at Coffee or Die who has lived in Kyiv for eight years, spoke at a DC think tank conference on his front-line reporting on Russias invasion. 01.03.1944 = March 1st, 1944], [ 12th Infantry Division - Did not exist From its activation at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi through the end of World War II, company rosters, activities, timeline, etc. For information on how to request rosters, please visit the website Access to Morning Reports and Unit Rosters. The unit was en route to Okinawa when it was diverted to New York soon after the bombing of Hiroshima. Yates, George K. Box 19 SSGT Company A resume, personal Army . 55th Medical Replacement Unit: 168th Engineer Combat Battalion: 55th MP Company: 168th Field Artillery Battalion: 55th . Reports typically contain narratives about unit activities, descriptions of facilities and locations, and a narrative about organization and administration. It sailed to Germany in March 1952 and served there for five years, returning to Fort Lewis in April 1957. Anthony Ward Jr. Related: New Book Follows Marine and His Interpreter From Afghan Wars Deadliest Battle to Dramatic Escape From Kabul. The 91st Engineer Battalion is a military engineer unit in the United States Army. Unit records are useful if you would like to learn more about a units movements and operations. Records of organic units (units that were permanently attached to a division) typically contain unit histories, general orders, and other administrative records. If you have additional questions after reviewing this post, we encourage you to contact the reference staff at the NARA location that has custody of the records you are interested in. repairs, maintenance, encounters with other ships, search and rescue operations). Hawaii, History of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment. Some of these reports, known generally as After Action Reports (AAR), may describe the days combat in as little as a paragraph, or across several pages. He died leading the way. They include logbooks from U.S. Coast Guard cutters, tenders, light ships, lighthouses, lifeboat stations, light ships, and other installations. Ledo, The 339th Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment of the United States Army, raised for service in World War I, that served in the North Russia Intervention and World War II. The casualties suffered by a typical American infantry regiment serving in World War II were horrendous. They are exception based reports, meaning that a soldiers name will on appear on the report only if his status has changed from the previous report (e.g. The US Army and the US Marine Corps both have designated combat engineers MOSs 12B and 1371, respectively. Engineer Units - Army Unit Directory - Together We Served TWS Login MENU U.S. Army U.S. MARINE CORPS U.S. Navy U.S. Air Force U.S. Coast Guard Veterans Network Engineer Units Engineer Units If You Served In This Unit, Reconnect With Your Service Friends Today Join Now Copyright 2003-2022. 1311, The dates covered by an individual file are listed within the file units description under Details -- it will note, This file unit documents the time period, followed by a date range. All of the reels are not available, so please be sure to contact the reference staff (email: archives2reference@nara.gov), if you locate a document of interest. In the early morning of 29 May 1943, the 50th Combat Engineers were the first U S Army unit encountered by the last Japanese troops on the island, making a suicide charge toward artillery atop Engineer Hill. The main series of WWII Army unit records is the, World War II Operations Reports, 1940-1948, in Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917- (Record Group 407). Muster Rolls of Coast Guard Ships and Shore Establishments, 1941 - 1949. are arranged by type of ship or station, thereunder by year, and consist of printed forms giving, for each person on board, information concerning his enlistment and whether he was entitled to honorable discharge; a personal description; the date he was received on board; and data concerning his transfer, discharge, desertion, or death. Also known as "Combat Engineer Battalions" (CEB), they were typically divided into four companies: A, B, C, and Headquarters and Service (H&S). The records are not yet described at the file-unit level in the National Archives Catalog, but you may request a search of the records by e-mailing the reference staff at. Copyright 1996-2023 Cyndi Ingle, CyndisList.com. The DCGO diaries include a compiled weekly report from memorandums, reports, and meeting minutes on operational, personnel, intelligence, legal, and medical activities. The two primary record groups are the Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Record Group 24), which includes World War II-era deck logs and muster rolls and the Records of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1875 - 2006 (Record Group 38), which includes War Diaries and Action Reports. ^j,0R| are arranged by year, thereunder by type of unit or station, thereunder alphabetically. These reports were filed by the units and sometimes include encounter reports by pilots, aerial photographs, and loading lists. The logs sometimes include information related to operational activities, although the level of content and detail can vary. 1873 Tags: List of battleships of the United States Navy, This article does not contain any citations or references. All Rights Reserved. Its earned. US Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. They document events that occurred and may contain information such as courses steered, distance run, compass variations, sea and weather conditions, ships position, principal headlands passed, names of lookouts, and a any unusual occurrences. WWII Navy muster rolls and personnel diaries comprise the series, Muster Rolls of U.S. Navy Ships, Stations, and Other Naval Activities, 1/1/1939 - 1/1/1949. h_`'O`k,2X3xHo]Lr]CR6c22+*NUPON'Za;)4seX[aVOao-1G1z18R64|ea8SqGljqZ8am*S+)#oiZ#F\Q2FkG\;b44bwD1/}gG-y[q}Vs)nyg.FqiyGR1eh>m-3Fey1Ra9NAa6NkDYVcE;9mJyh>mbmb}^e1z+fm"DX& The records are not yet described at the file-unit level in the National Archives Catalog, but you may request a search of the records by e-mailing the reference staff at archives2reference@nara.gov. during WWII ], [ 21st Infantry Division Combat engineers are among the most versatile, reliable, and misunderstood troops in the United States military. 1/1/1942 - ca. Reports may also contain statistics, photographs, or maps. The Coast Guard war diaries include Abstracts of War Diaries, 5/1942 - 9/1945, which are arranged by year and thereunder by unit, and include highlights of outstanding activities and operations by Coast Guard ships and shore units during World War II. 1317th Engineer General Service Regiment: The 1317th Engineer General Service Regiment, manned by black soldiers, was assigned as support for George Patton's 3rd Army. The two primary record groups are the, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Record Group 24), , which includes World War II-era deck logs and muster rolls and the, Records of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1875 - 2006 (Record Group 38). Mac Caltrider is a senior staff writer for Coffee or Die Magazine. Using demolition charges and flamethrowers, Bonnyman and his 21-man unit killed an estimated 150 enemy soldiers. 1321st Engineer General Service Regiment, 1322nd Engineer General Service Regiment, 1323rd Engineer General Service Regiment, 1324th Engineer General Service Regiment. It turned out that Captain Oliver was working with a group of men to gather the remains of some of the men in their outfit that had recently been killed. The DCGO diaries include a compiled weekly report from memorandums, reports, and meeting minutes on operational, personnel, intelligence, legal, and medical activities. 13th Engineer General Service Regiment 38th Engineer General Service Regiment 41st Engineer General Service Regiment 42nd Engineer General Service Regiment 43rd Engineer General Service Regiment 44th Enginee General Service Regiment @JI #bp\2l8 cL|w]~!C`'0XZ%!hU\CX|th_NVZ.4bQ1%?Ay?G~T@#|p=B9#\`U\E#)V#X`}1BPj$FjF 9F _`F-I|eXN^`C@ Without troops like Buenagua to lead the way, there would be no clear path to victory. More detailed information about deck logs is available on NARAs The Text Message Blog, Know Your Records: U.S. Navy Deck Logs and 1941-1959 Deck Logs, including World War II and the Korean War. Among those who have earned the Sapper tab are an even more elite coterie of combat engineers: 18C, or Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. We also tend to have more records for higher-echelon units and fewer for lower-level units. More detailed information about muster rolls and personnel diaries is available on, NARAs Text Message Blogs Know Your Records: U.S. Navy Muster Rolls and Personnel Diaries, . This series consists of the original mission reports pertaining to specific targets. This link points to an archived copy]Contains rolls for 35th Battalion, 3rd NZ Division in the Pacific, World War II. Please improve this article by adding a reference. The 35th Engineer Battalion was next activated on 1 April 1951 at Fort Lewis, Washington. Unit records are useful in piecing together stories abouta unit or group, as well as aboutindividuals who served in them. Suitland, Lance Cpl. i* website provides a handy chart, which can help you determine where the personnel records you seek are located and instructions about how to request them. Morning reports list daily personnel changes. The site includes rosters, photos, memoirs and unit histories. 50th, This is a list of known United States Engineer Regiments in existence at the time of World War II. Camp Claiborne was also home to the Engineer Unit Training Center (EUTC.) While Army and Navy records for the World War II period are dispersed across a number of record groups, smaller branches like the Marine Corps, Army Air Forces, and Coast Guard, are generally limited to a single record group each for the WWII period. Submitted by Mrs. Joanne Emerick, Hoxie, Kansas, DATA SOURCE: National Archives - Washington, DC/Suitland, Maryland, AIR BASE SECURITY 901st Air Base Security Battalion-Batangas 903rd Air Base Security Battalion-Milne Bay 922nd Air Base Security Battalion-Milne Bay 924th Air Base Security Battalion-Milne Bay, AIR CARGO 4th Air Cargo Resupply Squadron-Clark Field 5th Air Cargo Resupply Squadron-Clark Field, AMPHIBIAN 490th Amphibian Truck Co. -Guam 491st Amphibian Truck Co. -Okinawa 493rd Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa 494th Amphibian Truck Co.-Fort Hase 495th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa 496th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa 811th Amphibian Truck Co.-Lingayen 812th Amphibian Truck Co.-Batangas 813th Amphibian Truck Co.-Leyte 814th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa 825th Amphibian Truck Co.-Leyte 826th Amphibian Truck Co.-Leyte 820th Amphibian Truck Company-Manila 824th Amphibian Truck Company-Malabang 827th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa 828th Amphibian Truck Co.-Ie Shima, ANTIAIRCRAFT 77th Antiaircraft Gun Battalion & Group-Admiralty 207th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion-Hollandia 466th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion-Finschafen 477th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion-Oro Bay 503rd Antiaircraft Gun Battalion-Okinawa 726th Antiaircraft Signal Battery-Schofield Barracks 741st Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion-Hollandia 742nd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion-Finschafen 870th Antiaircraft A W Battalion-Kerama Retto 933rd Antiaircraft Gun Battalion-Admiralty, ARTILLERY 49th Coast Artillery Battalion 155mm-Finschafen 93rd Division Artillery-Zamboanga 593rd Field Artillery Battalion 105 mm-Morotai 595th Field Artillery Battalion 105 mm-Morotai 596th Field Artillery Battalion 155mm -Morotai 594th Field Artillery Battalion 105th-mm-Zamboanga, AVIATION 345th Aviation Squadron-Okinawa 383rd Aviation Squadron-Leyte 391st Aviation Squadron-Leyte 436th Aviation Squadron-Biak 437th Aviation Squadron-Finschafen 455th Aviation Squadron -Nielson Field 458th Aviation Squadron-Hollandia, BAND 93rd Infantry Division Band-Morotai 415th Army Sercvice Forces Band-Hollandia, CAVALRY 7th Cavalry Weapons Troop Division-N Laguna 8th Cavalry Headquarters Troop-Batangas, CHEMICAL 28th Chemical Decontamination Company-Manila 29th Chemical Decontamination Company-Manila 702nd Chemical Co.-Hickam Field 704th Chemical Maintenance Co. Aviation-Leyte 891st Chemical Co.-Tinian, ENGINEER 91st Engineer General Service Regiment-Biak 96th Engineer Gas Servcie Regiment-Malabang 97th Engineer General Servcie Regiment-Finschafen 318th Engineers Combat Battalion-Morotai 568th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Okinawa 575th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Okinawa 567th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila 570th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Davao 571st Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Clark Field 573rd Engineer Dump Truck Co.-La Union 576th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila 585th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Biak 738th Engineer Base Depot Co.-Biak 765th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Okinawa 766th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Leyte 768th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Leyte 769th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila 771st Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila 772nd Engineer Dump Truck-Finschafen 773rd Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila 774th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila 795th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Nichols Field 810th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila 811th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Iwo Jima 822nd Engineer Aviation Battalion-Leyte 828th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila 839th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Leyte 855th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila 856th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila 857th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Fort McKinely 858th Engineer Aviation Battaion - Burma/China 867th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Batangas 868th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Nadzab, New Guinea 869th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila 870th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Pampanga 890th Engineer Aviation Co.-Tinian 891st Engineer Aviation Co.-Tinian 892nd Engineer Aviation Co.-Wheeler Field 893rd Engineer Aviation Co.-Tinian 1873 Engineer Aviation Battalion - Guam (Submitted by P. Louise) 1225th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment-Leyte 1311th Engineer General Servcie Regiment-Milne Bay 1312th Engineer General Service Regiment-La Union 1315th Engineer Construction Battalion -Biak 1395th Engineer Construction Battalion - Okinawa 1322nd Engineer General Service Regiment-Leyte 1351st Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Leyte 1361st Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Lingayen 1517th Engineer Water Supply Company-Manila 1519th Engineer Water Supply Company-Manila 1462nd Engineer Maintenance Co. ESB-Pampanga 1518th Engineer Water Supply Co.-Biak, INFANTRY Americal Division HQ Company, Company C-Negros Island 25th Infantry-Zamboanga 93rd Infantry Division Headquarters-Morotai 93rd Infantry Division Special Troops-Morotai 93rd Infantry Divison HQ Company-Morotai 103rd Infantry (Company I)-Manila 368th Infantry-Zamboanga, LAUNDRY 361st Laundry Detachment (Mobile)-Manila, MILITARY POLICE 93rd Division Military Police Platoon-Morotai 224th Military Police Co.-Cebu Island, Philippines, MOTOR 569th Motor Ambulance Co.-Leyte 579th Motor Ambulance Co.-Finschafen 888th Motor Ambulance Company-Manila, ORDNANCE 169th Ordnance Battalion-Manila 577th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-La Union 578th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Davao 579th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Pampanga 580th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Manila 590th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Manila 594th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Guadalcanal 595th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Leyte 622nd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-San Jose 628th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Oro Bay 629th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Lingayen 630th Ordnance Ammunition Co-Lae, New Guinea 632nd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Okinawa 636th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Batangas 642nd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-El Salvador 643rd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Leyte 644th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Okinawa 645th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Aiea 650th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Biak 667th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Okinawa 669th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Pelelieu Island 669th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Guadalcanal 793rd Ordnance Light Maintenance Co.-Morotai 3610th Ordnance HA Maintenance Co.-Ie Shima, PORT 160th Port Co.-Cebu 161st Port Co.-Cebu 162nd Port Co.-Cebu 164th Port Co.-Leyte 167th Port Company-Manila 179th Port Co.-Batangas 180th Port Co.-Batangas 210th Port Company-Manila 218th Port Company-Manila 234th Port Company-Manila 235th Port Co.-Mindoro 236th Port Co.-Mindoro 493rd Port Battalion-Leyte 506th Port Battalion-La Union 510th Port Battalion-Tinian 538th Port Company-Saipan 539th Port Co.-Saipan 576th Port Co.-Hawaiian Ordnance Depot 578th Port Company-Manila 579th Port Company-Manila 590th Port Co.-Saipan 591st Port Co.-Saipan 592nd Port Co.-Iwo Jima 593rd Port Port Co.-Hollandia 603rd Port Co.-Biak 609th Port Co.-Leyte 610th Port Company-Manila 611th Port Company-Manila 635th Port Co.-Espiritu Santo 637th Port Co.-Finschafen 638th Port Co.-Finschafen 639th Port Co. -Finschafen 650th Port Co.-Lingayen 851st Port Co.-La Union 852nd Port Co.-La Union 855th Port Co.-Sand Island, Hawaii 856th Port Co.-Sand Island 857th Port Co.-Sand Island 865th Port Co.-Okinawa 867th Port Co.-Okinawa 868th Port Co.-Okinawa 872nd Port Co.-Sand Island, QUARTERMASTER 14th Quartermaster Car Platoon-Leyte 28th Quartermaster Group-Manila 29th Quartermaster Group-Manila 29th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)-Manila 57th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)-Batangas 71st Quartermaster Battalion-Manila 91st Quartermaster Railhead Co.-Mindoro 92nd Quartermaster Railhead Co.-La Union 93rd Quartermaster Co.-Morotai 119th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)-Manila 119th Quartermaster Bakery Co. (2nd Platoon)-Clark Field 233rd Quartermaster Laundry Detachment (Mobile)-Manila 234th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Panay Island 235th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment (Mobile)-Pampanga 236th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment -Cagayan 237th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Batangas 238th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Manila 239th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Manila 240th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Leyte 244th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Batangas 245th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Biak 246th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Biak 247th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Biak 248th Quartermaster Depot Co.-Finschafen 241st Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Malabang 268th Quartermaster Battalion-Manila 275th Quartermaster Battalion-Manila 276th Quartermaster Battalion-Leyte 302nd Quartermaster Railhead Co.-Milne Bay 311th Quartermaster Battalion-Biak 321st Quartermaster Truck Co.-Cebu 322nd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Cebu 323rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Oro Bay 324th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Oro Bay 369th Quartermaster Laundry Company-Manila 384th Quartermaster Truck Company-Manila 390th Quartermaster Truck Company-Zamboanga 393rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-El Salvador 420th Quartermaster Bakery Co.-Leyte 466th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Finschafen 467th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Finschafen 469th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Finschafen 490th Quartermaster Battalion-La Union 491st Quartermaster Battalion-Morotai 492nd Quartermaster Battalion-Okinawa 493rd Quartermaster Battalion-Manila 494th Quartermaster Battalion-Cebu 521st Quartermaster Group-Okinawa 531st Quartermaster Battalion-Mindoro 539th Quartermaster Battalion-Manila 540th Quartermaster Battalion-Milne Bay 557th Quartermater Battalion-Finschafen 569th Quartermaster Railhead Co. (lst Platoon)-Negros Island 570th Quartermaster Battalion-Finschafen 572nd Quartermaster Railhead Co.-Hollandia 589th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-Leyte 589th Quartermaster Laundry Company-Okinawa 594th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-Okinawa 591st Quartermaster Salvage Repair Co.-Leyte 627th Quartermaster Battalion-Tinian 630th Quartermaster Battalion-San Jose 848th Quartermater Gas Supply Co.-Saipan 848th Quartermaster Gas Supply Co. (lst Platoon)-Iwo Jima 849th Quartermaster Gas Supply Co.- El Salvador 893rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Hawaiian Ordnance Depot 894th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Waipahu 895th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Schofield Barracks 897th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-Pelelieu Island 897th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-La Union 983rd Quartermaster Service Company-Malabang 984th Quartermaster Service Co. -La Union 985th Quartermaster Service Co-Finschafen 986th Quartermaster Service Co- Finschafen 991st Quartermaster Service Co-Leyte 992nd Quartermaster Service Co-Leyte 993rd Quartermaster Service Co-Biak 994th Quartermaster Service Co-Leyte 1906th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte 1918th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN -Okinawa 1932nd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Biak 1943rd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Palawan 1954th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field 1963rd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field 1998th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Lingayen 2011th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Mindoro 2012th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Okinawa 2013th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Palawan 2015th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Lingayen 2017th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Mindoro 2020th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Morotai 2021st Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field 2025th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field 2026th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Finschafen 2027th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte 2039th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte 2052nd Quartermaster Truck Company Avn.-Manila 2053rd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte 2059th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte 2058th Quartermaster Truck Company Avn.-Manila 3239th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3240th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3243rd Quartermaster Service Company-Guadalcanal 3258th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3259th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3260th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3261st Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3274th Quartermater Service Co.-Espiritu Santo 3290th Quartermater Service Co.-Okinawa 3291st Quartermaster Service Co.-Tinian 3292nd Quartermaster Service Co.-Fort Shafter 3293rd Quartermaster Service Co.-Iwo Jima 3294th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima 3295th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3296th Quartermaster Service Co.-Iwo Jima 3297th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 3388th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Guam 3665th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Pelelieu Island 3697th Quartermater Truck Co.-Saipan 3753rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Iwo Jima 3754th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 3829th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4013th Quartermater Truck Co.-Saipan 4039th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima 4070th Quartermater Service Co.-Tinian 4071st Quartermaster Service Co.-New Caledonia 4102nd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4103rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Saipan 4104th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4105th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4106th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4107th Quartermater TruckCo.-Okinawa 4109th Quartermater Truck Co.-Okinawa 4110th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4111th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4112th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima 4113th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Schofield Barracks 4116th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4117th Quartermater Truck Co.-Okinawa 4121st Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima 4122nd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4123rd Quartermater Truck Co.-Okinawa 4124th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4125th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima 4126th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa 4161st Quartermaster Fumigation & Bath Co.-Schofield Barracks 4207th Quartermaster Service Co.- Okinawa 4208th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima 4209th Quartermaster Service Co.-Saipan 4210th Quartermaster Service Co.-Saipan 4216th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4217th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4342nd Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4344th Quartermaster Service Co.-Schofield Barracks 4345th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4464th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima 4481st Quartermaster Salvage Repair Composite-Okinawa 4482nd Quartermaster Salvage Repair Composite-Okinawa 4513th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4514th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4515th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima 4516th Quartermaster Service Co-Okinawa 4517th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa 4524th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa, RECONNAISSANCE 93rd Reconnaissance Troop-Morotai, SALVAGE 536th Salvage Repair Company-Guam 536th Salvage Repart Co.(Detachment)-Tinian, SANITARY 721st Sanitary Company-Manila 722nd Sanitary Company-Manila 725th Sanitary Co.-Batangas 728th Sanitary Co.-Leyte 735th Sanitary Company-Manila 739th Sanitary Co.-Leyte 742nd Sanitary Co.-La Union 745th Sanitary Co.-Biak 747th Sanitary Co.-Leyte 759th Sanitary Company-Manila, SIGNAL 93rd Signal Co.-Morotai 539th Signal Heavy Construction Co.-Okinawa 702nd Signal Company-Guadalcanal 704th Signal Company-Manila 715th Signal Company-Tinian 715th Signal Co. (2nd Platoon)-Guam 716th Signal Company-Manila 717th Signal Co.-Iwo Jima 717th Signal Co. (lst Platoon)-Ie Shima 719th Signal Co.-Okinawa 743rd Signal Co.-Saipan 760th Signal Co.-Schofield Barracks, STATION HOSPITAL 268th Station Hospital-Manila.

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wwii combat engineer units